Suriname wants to rebuild the country and make the economy strong again. It is an ambitious plan and the Suriname Government is doing its utmost to fulfil the goals. 

Rebuild Suriname develops scalable and sustainable projects that contribute to the growth of the economy of Suriname. We strengthen knowledge transfer by connecting experts abroad with projects in Suriname. Transfer of knowledge and expertise is important. Rebuild Suriname believes that this will strengthen the economy, helps society and will increase the happiness and wellbeing of the Suriname people. 

The country needs experts, retired experts and also the upcoming future experts. We call them all EXPERTS. The young generation which is now doing their Professional Education on MBO, HBO and University level are the future of the country. 

Rebuild Suriname believes that to realize a successful and sustainable project it is important to be financially and politically independent. To ensure our independence we ask experts a small contribution for their participation. Until September the 30th 2022 registration is free!